KVÎST Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit

A hand-crafted blend of 8 distillates – Juniper, Silver Birch, Orange Peel, Cardamom, Pimento, Cascarilla Bark, Gentian & Rhubarb Root. An innovative technique retains the flavour of juniper and other botanical extracts with no alcohol. 


KVÎST Classica is a complex, handcrafted non-alcoholic distilled spirit, juniper and orange peel are the prevailing flavours, balanced with forest botanicals. 


KVÎST Rosa is inspired by the Nordic traditions of copper pot distilling with silver birch and other fresh foraged botanicals infused with herb and spiced bitters.

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Tuscan Tree Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo Spirit

Inspired by the flavours of Italy, Tuscan Tree is a distillation of fine botanicals, infused with the natural flavours of Tuscan blood oranges and Italian sparkling wine. Simply add soda and a twist of orange for a deliciously bitter-sweet aperitivo, bursting with flavours of Tuscan blood orange, perfectly balanced with Italian juniper, lavender and Sicilian lemons.