Osborne Premium Sherry

Osborne has been producing Sherry since 1772 from grapes grown on the chalky-white hills of Andalucía. Based in El Puerto de Santa Maria, with vineyards and the winery close to the Atlantic Ocean, Osborne Sherry has a unique character, based on the specific microclimate of its location.

The Osborne premium range features the famous Fino Quinta and Coquinero Finos, both classics of the region, as well as Bailen Oloroso and the luscious Pedro Ximenez, 1827.


Osborne VORS Sherry

Over the decades, the Osborne family has steadily consolidated an unparalleled collection of Very Old Rare Sherries, which have been passionately nurtured with the utmost patience and dedication. More than wines; these are authentic oenological gems.


The range includes the famous Capuchino Palo Cortado, known as much for its elegant and complex flavours as for the role of the Capuchin Monks in classifying the wine.


Venerable Pedro Ximenez is equally famous for its unctuousness, made from sun dried grapes and aged for over 30 years, sweet wine does not get better than this!

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