Ampersand Blueberry Gin

Ampersand Blueberry is a premium gin made from juniper berries and a selection of blueberries. Its striking flavour, which combines fresh and balanced acidic and sweet notes, is truly unique.

It has a natural, radiant and attractive light blue colour, prominent notes of blueberries on the nose, with clear hints of red berries and fruits of the forest. The palate is rounded, fruity and pleasant, with floral nuances and a velvety and fresh finish.

Thanks to its fresh but sweet flavour, Ampersand Blueberry is ideal for combining with lemonade, as well as in more innovative cocktails.


Ampersand Melon Gin

Ampersand Melon is a premium gin made from juniper berries and melon. The rich and sweet aroma of the melon comes through, to create a gin which is ideal for making mouth-watering cocktails, transporting you to a warm summer evening with friends.

The colour is radiant, clear and light green with hints of yellow, on the nose it has prominent notes of perfectly matured melon, and the flavour is smooth with fresh and sweet nuances of melon, and a long-lasting and rich finish.

Thanks to its sweet flavour, Ampersand Melon is ideal for combining with a tangy lemon-flavoured soft drinks, as well as in more innovative cocktails.


Ampersand Strawberry Gin

Ampersand Strawberry is a Premium Gin made from juniper and strawberries from the south of Spain. Carefully hand-picked ingredients create a balanced and versatile gin that stands out for its unequivocal flavour, highlighting the light citrus and sweet strawberry notes.

Due to its versatility, Ampersand Strawberry provides a huge range of options for creating cocktails and mixed drinks, it’s delicious when paired with a range of mixers and juices. With Ampersand, there are no rules, enjoy it as you please.


Nordés Atlantic Galician Gin

Nordés Gin is produced slowly and with great care.

The soul of the product, the spirit, is produced using Galician Albariño grapes. Of the 11 botanicals, 6 are from Galicia, including samphire, which adds the novelty salty note of a sea breeze, sage, bay and eucalyptus.

It’s an intensely aromatic gin, with delicate notes of white fruits, in harmony with balsamic notes of mint, eucalyptus and bay, accompanied by subtle notes of juniper.

Nordés is best served in a highball glass, filled with ice, topped with tonic and garnished with sage leaves, which complement the herbal notes of the gin, or three white grapes.


William Kerr’s Gin

William Kerr's Borders Gin is 100% made in Scotland, hand-crafted at and by The Borders Distillery and distilled from local barley.


As the first distillery in the Borders since 1837, they are dedicated to capturing the spirit of the local area. The distillery is in a landmark building in the centre of Hawick, making them both familiar and new.

As an accomplished botanist, we think William Kerr would have quietly approved of the Carter Head still at The Borders Distillery. Its special feature is a copper basket that suspends the botanicals in the vapour of the original spirit. This gentle steaming captures the subtle aromas and complex flavours of juniper berries, herbs, roots, flowers and spices gathered from near and far. The result is a classic gin of outstanding depth and taste, best served with quality tonic and garnished with orange.

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