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Craftwork, Testwood House, Testwood Park, Salisbury Road
Totton, Hampshire, SO40 2RW  Tel: 02382 145596

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Founded in 2018, Craftwork has quickly become established as a leading force in UK spirits distribution. We are assembling an outstanding collection of spirits brands with character.


Our partners include one of the world’s oldest companies, Osborne from Spain. We distribute their distinguished range of brands, including the famous Carlos I Solera Reserva Brandy de Jerez and the highly successful Nordés Atlantic Galician Gin, Spain’s fastest growing premium gin.


We’re delighted to be working with Cockspur’s premium rum brands and the eagerly anticipated Soggy Dollar Rum, from the renowned Soggy Dollar Bar in the BVI, home of the famous Painkiller cocktail.


Britain’s most significant new distillery is The Borders Distillery, based in Hawick in the Scottish Borders. Their growing stable includes the innovative, easy-drinking, Lower East Side Scotch Whisky and the classic, juniper-led William Kerr’s Borders Gin.


These and other brands form the basis of our portfolio, all carefully selected, spirits with character.