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Balla Black Rum

A secret blend of charred molasses, infusions of local spices with a touch of heat for a mysteriously intriguing experience. Inspired by DamBalla, the voodoo god of life, Balla Black is the dark rum with an even darker side, for those nights when you want to spark a little magic, mystery and excitement.


Burla Negra Rum 

Who drank the best rum in the world? Pirates. Why? Because they stole it! That’s why we stole the best rum in the Caribbean and gave it the unique salinity of the Galician land, letting it mature in Albariño barrels for 24 spring tides. Only in this way you get the best pirate rum in the world. The rum that pirates would steal today.

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Cockspur Rum 

Cockspur Rum, with its proud rooster icon, came into existence in Barbados in 1884. Throughout the years, Cockspur Rum has stayed true to traditional processes, distilled from the best quality cane molasses and the purest spring water, that filters out through the island’s coral rock. 


Cockspur Fine Golden Rum is matured slowly in Bourbon oak barrels, before being expertly blended to create the final product. 


Cockspur Platinum Rum is a crystal-clear white rum with all of the character of Cockspur.  Five times distilled for a crisp, clean, yet complex flavour with distinct Caribbean sugar-cane sweetness.


Cockspur Old Gold Rum is regarded as one of the most flavourful rums in the Caribbean, matured on the beach, underneath the warm Caribbean sun, creating a unique rich, rounded, rum with a deep character. Hints of rich vanilla, complex oak-barrel and charred, brown sugar notes marry with soft dried fruit characters.

Cockspur XO is a work of art. This vintage rum is aged to perfection in American bourbon-oak barrels and, only then, the best casks are hand-selected by our master-blender. These are then blended together and left to mature in Spanish Oloroso sherry casks. Each batch is limited to only 100 casks.

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Cockspur Rum Punch

Our delectable Rum Punch is a thoroughly seductive blend of tropical fruit juices, infused with a generous helping of Cockspur Rum. Cockspur Rum Punch takes your taste buds on an amazing roller coast ride: tropical juices give you the sweet, juicy flavours, while the rum adds the great flavour of Cockspur. Ready to drink, just serve over ice and Cockspur Rum Punch will have you feeling like you're instantly transported to a nearby tropical island.

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The Fabulous Thai Rum Company 

Welcome to the world of The Fabulous Thai Rum Company, inspired by the incredible cocktail mixology culture of Thailand and narrow, scented streets of Bangkok Chinatown with its numerous spice shops. A blend of aged Thai rums from the Pathum Thani province naturally infused Thai fruits and spices. Mix with natural coconut water or fruit juice, add to a cocktail shaker with ice, strain and pour into a glass for an exotic rum experience. Garnish with lime, lemongrass or an edible flower.


The three unique and exotic flavours include Pisang Banana, Cinnamon & Nutmeg; Ginger Lemongrass and Makrut Lime; and Lychee, Kiwi and Thai Basil.

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Jamaica Cove Rum

According to stories, gangs of wreckers operated on the coast of Cornwall in the early 19th century, it was described as a “haven of smugglers”. Under the cover of darkness, the landing crew brought ashore their plundered barrels of rums and botanicals from Jamaica. 


The Jamaica Cove range includes;

Black Pineapple Rum, a blend of Jamaican pot-still and column-still rums, aged for up to 3 years, and laced with pineapple, for a luscious tropical flavour profile, the perfect base for adding depth and pineapple ‘kick’ to classic Pina Coladas. 


Ginger Black Spiced Rum, an aged premium, 40% Jamaican rum infused with bold ginger and very subtle hints of lemongrass and citrus flavour. Long or short, this Black Ginger Rum is versatile and works well on cold winter nights or long summer days, mixed with colas or ginger beer. Adds a ginger zest to any cocktail.


Banana Black Spiced Rum, a silky full-strength rum infused with banana and very subtle hints citrus flavour. 


Coffee Gold Rum, infused with natural coffee from the famous Blue Mountains of Jamaica, giving a coffee and a dark chocolate flavour. Perfect for mixing or using in cocktails such as the Espresso Martini. 


Exotic Spiced Rum, distilled and blended from premium, Jamaican pot and column-stills, and infused with vanilla, honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, citrus, star anise and clove.

Jamaica Cove

Soggy Dollar Rum

There are few places in the world as freeing as White Bay in the British Virgin Islands, home to the Soggy Dollar Bar, with its crystal-clear waters, white sand and tropical breezes, home to the original Painkiller cocktail. 


Soggy Dollar is hand-crafted rum, made from natural cane molasses and aged in oak casks for a smooth, rich flavour. A deep, golden colour, aromas of lights, dried fruit, caramelised vanilla with hits of sherry cask. A soft and smooth finish with a touch of vanilla and oak.


Soggy Dollar Island Spiced is born from our smooth, handcrafted dark rum then infused with a secret blend of native spices. The complex taste of spice with underlying notes of citrus and tropical fruits. With hints of pineapple, bitter orange and nutmeg on the finish.


Spytail Rum Co 


The Spytail Rum Company is based in the Cognac region of France, famous for not only its namesake brandy, but also the production of some of the finest spirits and liqueurs in the world.

Aged rums are sourced from the Trinidad and Guyana and blended in the brandy cellars, producing two exceptional rums


Spytail Cognac Barrel Rum is aged in cognac casks, which creates an exceptionally smooth rum with hints of vanilla, oak and spices. Perfect over ice, it also makes a delicious Old Fashioned, mixed with Angostura Bitters, a dash of sugar syrup and garnished with a twist of orange.


Spytail Ginger Rum is a dark rum, aged in Cognac casks, then blended and infused with fresh ginger and other spices to produce a delicious twist on traditional spiced rums.

Spytail Rum Co


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Santo Grau Cachaça 

Santo Grau is a pioneer brand of craft Cachaça, preserving the small historic sugar mills, called engenhos, traditional, artisanal production facilities in Brazil, run by the same families that owned the farms for generations. Hand-picked sugar cane, from each specific region, is naturally fermented, before distillation in antique alembics.


Although they can be drunk neat, they all taste delicious as ingredients in traditional cocktails and simple mixed drinks. 

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