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Craftwork, Testwood House, Testwood Park, Salisbury Road
Totton, Hampshire, SO40 2RW  Tel: 02382 145596

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Cockspur XO Rum

Cockspur XO is a work of art. This vintage rum is aged to perfection in American bourbon-oak barrels and, only then, the best casks are hand-selected by our master-blender. These are then blended together and left to mature in Spanish Oloroso sherry casks. Each batch is limited to only 100 casks.

This fusion delivers a magnificent deep, golden colour and a rich palate of sensations, from the sensual but intense aroma and a finish which is silky and exotic.

For those very special occasions, enjoy Cockspur XO over ice.


Cockspur Old Gold Rum

Regarded as one of the most flavourful rums in the Caribbean, Cockspur Old Gold Rum is matured on the beach, underneath the warm Caribbean sun, creating a unique rich, rounded, rum with a deep character. Hints of rich vanilla, complex oak-barrel and charred, brown sugar notes marry with soft dried fruit characters.

Serve over ice or mix with ginger ale and a slice of lime to create the perfect Cockspur Bajan Mule.


Cockspur Rum Punch

Our delectable Rum Punch is a thoroughly seductive blend of tropical fruit juices, infused with a generous helping of Cockspur Rum. Cockspur Rum Punch takes your taste buds on an amazing roller coast ride: tropical juices give you the sweet, juicy flavours, while the rum adds the great flavour of Cockspur. Ready to drink, just serve over ice and Cockspur Rum Punch will have you feeling like you're instantly transported to a nearby tropical island.


Dunedin Scottish Rum

Whilst known for producing high-quality whisky and gin, in the background, Strathearn’s distillers have been quietly developing a range of rums, and their first is fantastic. As soon as they’d emptied their first ever cask of Scotch, they took the opportunity to fill that with rum, producing Dunedin Golden Rum – born in Scotland!

Probably the first Scottish golden rum for over 100 years, Dunedin has a bold fruity nose with notes of dark chocolate. A complex blend of sweet vanilla and spicy flavours gives way to burnt sugar and caramel with an oaky finish Presented in a unique bottle paying homage to Scotland and Muireadhach (Murdina) the famous Sea Warrior; Dunedin Rum is in a 70cl bottle at 43% ABV.


Nusa Caña Tropical Island Rum

Born of ancient days and modern nights, and inspired by the spirit and attitude of Bali, the beating heart of modern Indonesia, Nusa Cana is both a rum and a lifestyle. Found in beach bars, nightclubs, cocktail lounges, and backyard parties, Nusa Caña is crafted for consumers around the world who share a spirit for revelry, discovery and adventure.

Inspired by the Island of the Gods, Nusa Caña brings back the forgotten spirit of Indonesian Rum, once the toast of punch houses and bordellos across the world. Nusa Caña is a blend of island rums, set apart by its rugged Indonesian heart, fresh aroma, sugarcane flavour and straight up attitude.



Soggy Dollar Island Spiced

There are few places in the world as freeing as White Bay in the British Virgin Islands, home to the Soggy Dollar Bar, with its crystal-clear waters, white sand and tropical breezes. Home to the original Painkiller cocktail, Soggy Dollar Island Spiced is born from our smooth, handcrafted dark rum then infused with a secret blend of native spices.

The complex taste of spice with underlying notes of citrus and tropical fruits. With hints of pineapple, bitter orange and nutmeg on the finish.

For the perfect Painkiller, serve over ice, top up with pineapple juice and garnish with tropical fruit.




Soggy Dollar Old Dark Rum

There are few places in the world as freeing as White Bay in the British Virgin Islands, home to the Soggy Dollar Bar, with its crystal-clear waters, white sand and tropical breezes. Home to the original Painkiller cocktail, Soggy Dollar is hand-crafted rum, made from natural cane molasses and aged in oak casks for a smooth, rich flavour.

A deep, golden colour, aromas of lights, dried fruit, caramelised vanilla with hits of sherry cask. A soft and smooth finish with a touch of vanilla and oak.




Santo Grau Coronel Xavier Chaves Cachaça

Coronel Xavier Chaves is a Brazilian municipality located in the state of Minas Gerais.

This is an unaged style of Cachaça is produced in in the oldest engenho in Brazil, which has been in operation more than 250 years. With meticulous attention to detail, the sugarcane is harvested by hand, followed by natural fermentation is natural using wild yeasts, with each distillation producing only 130 litres of spirit.

Coronel Xavier Chaves has a sweet and intense sugarcane aroma and is slightly sweet on the palate, with soft notes.

Although it can be drunk neat or over ice, the most traditional serve in Brazil is the famous caipirinha: a mixture of cachaça with muddled fruit (usually lemon in Brazil), sugar and ice.


Santo Grau Paraty Cachaça

This unaged style of Cachaça is produced in Paraty, near Rio de Janeiro, in an engenho that has been in the same family since 1803, where hand-harvested, unburned sugarcane is distilled in n copper stills, heated directly by fire. Santo Grau Paraty is aged for a very short time in peanut wood, which only adds texture, rather than aroma or colour to the spirit.

This Cachaça has a very perfumed, fruity and intense aroma with an intense, slightly fruity flavour, very smooth on the palate.

An unusual serve for Cachaça, developed by a Brazilian bartender, is the mixture of cachaça with pineapple, lemon, ginger, ice and sugar.


Santo Grau Itirapuã Cachaça

Produced in Itirapuã, São Paulo, this Cachaça is handcrafted in
an engenho in operation for over 150 years. Sugarcane is hand-
harvested followed by natural fermentation with wild yeasts.


After fermentation in the copper still, it is lightly aged in oak and Jequitibá barrels, the latter softens acidy producing a more rounded spirit.

Slightly golden in colour Itirapuã has notes of wood on the nose and a smooth, velvety palate, due to the slight barrel ageing.

It can be consumed neat or over ice and it also works well with lemon soda and a touch of Angostura bitters.