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The Gladstone Axe

There is no better figurehead for a Scotch whisky than William Gladstone, who passed the Spirits Act of 1870, allowing the blending of Scotch for the first time. He chopped trees for exercise – and his collection of axes still sits in his study in Hawarden. 


In many ways Blended Malt Scotch represents the best of the best – Malt Whiskies selected from Scotland’s best Single Malt Distilleries – blended together so the sum is greater than the parts.  Our two expressions of The Gladstone Axe – American Oak and The Black Axe represents two distinct flavour profiles and offer a delicious, simple introduction to the plethora of flavours that exist in Scotch.  Black Axe is spicy, smoky and rich – but not overpowering like some of the “serious” Islay Whiskies – and American Oak has a soft, honey, vanilla and spicy profile that makes it a deliciously drinkable dram.

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The Boston Bakers

Founder William T Compston II, with Irish lineage to the 1500’s, is the emigrant success story.  Irish blood and Boston grit drove the creation of the Boston Bakers in post war 1950’s.  Neighbourhood bakeries serving communities with friendship and a bonded spirit.  A band of brothers forged solidarities in the Speakeasies and corner bars of Boston.  Storytelling and shenanigans aplenty. We toast the East Coast grafters with their own Irish whiskey.  


A whiskey of ultra-smooth flavour with chocolate and vanilla overtones. We don’t mess about with our whiskey. Non-chill filtered and no caramel added here.  We never alter purity. Finest Virgin Grain brings the smoothness and softness. Triple Barrel Oaked - our award-winning whiskey is a blend of three different types of single malted whiskies from 3 unique cask finishes;  Stout, Sherry and Bourbon barrels. It is not over yet.  The blend is seasoned with triple-distilled, peated malt whiskey, the secret bond that brings all the elements together.  


*Bespoke distillation and ageing at The Great Northern Distillery, Dundalk County Louth, Ireland*