The Gladstone Axe

There is no better figurehead for a Scotch whisky than William Gladstone, who passed the Spirits Act of 1870, allowing the blending of Scotch for the first time. He chopped trees for exercise – and his collection of axes still sits in his study in Hawarden. 


In many ways Blended Malt Scotch represents the best of the best – Malt Whiskies selected from Scotland’s best Single Malt Distilleries – blended together so the sum is greater than the parts.  Our two expressions of The Gladstone Axe – American Oak and The Black Axe represents two distinct flavour profiles and offer a delicious, simple introduction to the plethora of flavours that exist in Scotch.  Black Axe is spicy, smoky and rich – but not overpowering like some of the “serious” Islay Whiskies – and American Oak has a soft, honey, vanilla and spicy profile that makes it a deliciously drinkable dram.


Lower East Side Whisky

Every scotch whisky has its own character, mood and temperament. Using selected barrels of fine single malt whisky, which allows the character of each one to inspire the blend, they’re brought together to mingle, to settle and to relax to combine into the final whisky.

The result is a smooth, harmonious blend of single malts, initially revealing notes of vanilla and almonds. Round, supple and fruity, this delicious whisky also features a hint of honey and a mild, yet distinctive smokiness. Together these attributes make for a fine characterful liquid, fit for enjoyment no matter where, when or how.

For a Lower East Side Manhattan, pour 50ml Lower East Side into a rocks glass with a few cubes of ice, add 25ml sweet vermouth, a few dashes of bitters and garnish with a twist of orange.